Biological and medical

Supported by top service standards, the core business of SPEED is bioscience and medical translation solution, and we are proficient in translating technical materials related to health care industry, including national health policies, pharmacy bioengineering, gene chips, traditional Chinese medicine, medical treatment, health care, beauty care, health services, medical devices, clinical test reports, user manuals, IEC reports, biological test reports, ISO, HACCP, SSOP quality control documents, etc. The integrated solutions provided by SPEED include: bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical-pharmaceutical preparations, traditional Chinese medicine and other pharmaceutical fields, operation manuals of medical equipment. In clinical medical field, we cover the translation of clinical history, clinical pharmacology books and clinical pathology books etc. We have the most senior translators specialized in Chinese and western medicine, we are also a translation authority in biomedicine field, with great expertise in medical microbiology and biological genetic engineering.


Medical instrument translation 

Medical instruments: all kinds of new medical instruments and medical accessory instruments, heart monitoring, medical imaging, biochemical analyzer, blood pressure monitor as well as thermometer and all kinds of household medical instruments.

Diagnosis and treatment equipment: X-ray screening system, ultrasonic diagnosis, nuclear medicine, endoscope system, ENT treatment instrument, dynamic analysis instrument, cryogenic refrigeration equipment, dialysis treatment equipment, first aid equipment, etc.

Ward nursing equipment and instruments: all kinds of hospital beds, cabinets, surgery chairs, beds, etc.;

Auxiliary equipment: series products for disinfection, oxygen generating and supply equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, special equipment for the disabled, etc.

Oral medical instruments: dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental surgical instrument, dental laboratory equipment; remote medical system, hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system.

Surgical dressings: medical bandage, gauze, mask, surgical gown, medical adhesive plaster, adhesive bandage, cotton ball, medical glove, surgical protective film, medical athletic tape, adhesive, patch, disposable syringe, infusion apparatus; ophthalmic medical equipment, orthopedic medical device and clinical testing equipment and diagnostic reagent; operation room, emergency room, equipment and apparatus in consulting room; medical software and information processing system and medical medium as well as related services.

Biotechnology translation

Biological products and immunochemistry

Amino acid, antigen, blood product, cell/tissue culture, enzymes, monoclonal antibody, nucleotide/oligonucleotides, polyclonal antibody


Bio-based product, biology, cell biology, drug delivery, gene therapy, genomics, immunization therapy, molecular biology, nanotechnology, proteomics, stem cell therapy

Medical treatment and drugs

Hormone, vaccine, antibiotic, blood factor, growth factor, immune stimulation factor, immune detection kit, gene therapy and diagnosis, human genome project/DNA gene sequencing, development strategy/portfolio analysis, tissue engineering, antisense oligomeric nucleotides treatment, conductor transplantation

Biology laboratory equipment

Laboratory automation, laboratory accessory, fluid handling equipment, water purification equipment, clean technology, automatic control equipment, HPLC and accessory electrophoresis apparatus, microscope, spectrometer, sequencers, protein and proof synthesis system, biochemical analysis equipment, image analysis and processing, and molecular biology detection kit, sample preparation packing

Facility and engineering technology

Clean room/infection prevention, facility design & construction, facility management, production process control instrument and equipment, product process instrument and equipment(extraction equipment, separation equipment, filter, chromatographic instrument, membrane system), measurement and control equipment, process control system, sterilization equipment, special equipment for biology, special equipment for purification

Biological medicine and equipment

Botanical health and therapeutic medicine, marine organism health and therapeutic medicine, biological pharmaceutical factory equipment, biological treatment instrument 

Translation serving different hospital departments 

The different hospital departments we have served include, internal medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, ENT, obstetrics, dermatology, digestive internal medicine, circulation pathology, hematology, immunology, brain surgery, oncology, cardiovascular surgery, digestive organ, reproductive endocrinology, perinatal medicine, fetal medicine, ophthalmology, ICL, cataract removal surgery, light solidification technique, psychiatry, neurology, psychiatry, anesthesiology, action therapy, radiation medicine, nuclear medicine, neurophysiology, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, forensic medicine, genetics, medical management, tooth science, dental materials, pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, biology, oxidation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug analysis, biological engineering, recombinant DNA technology, genetic mutation, image diagnosis, ultrasonic diagnosis, MRI, SPECT, dental medical device, ophthalmic medical device, surgical instruments, pacemaker, artificial organs, blood vessels and other relevant medical treatment, medicine, public health, nursing, etc.

In China, we have senior part-time translators from Peking University Health Science Center, Peking University School of Stomatology, Chinese Peking Union Medical College, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Chinese Academy of Sciences for Biological Study, National Foreign Language Publication Bureau and major medical equipment import and export corporations as well as a number of hospitals. At the same time, we have established long-term partnership with medical professors, PHDs returned from overseas, medical translators and reviewers with foreign nationality and translation institutions in Europe and USA.


We are a professional supplier of medical translation designated by numerous medical institutions and enterprises, and our customers include International Exchanges and Cooperation Center of Ministry of Health, Bayer, GE, Hong Kong Tianshi Bio-wave Research Institution, Peking University Health Science Center, Smiths Medical Instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Academy of TCM, BD Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd., Beijing Wandong Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., Orion, Sirona Dental Systems, Swiss Geistlich Pharma, Korea Shinhung Co., Ltd., Satelec, DMG, OROTIG, Beijing Yongfu Medical Instrument and other industry giants as well as many fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises.

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