In order to realize seamless localization of user interfaces and technical documents, software localization has high requirements for expertise and techniques, including independent and special workflows. However, these workflows shall take into consideration of coordination and impact effect to minimize costs, promote market penetration and reach expectations for products. Partnership with professional translation company is the right choice for enterprises working toward globalization and competing for its share in the competitive IT market. Our senior translators in this field are equipped with profound IT background and professional translation skills.


Translation projects of software localization

Software localization

SPEED has solid technical background and business experience in the field of software localization, and has been providing excellent localization service to numerous enterprises from home and abroad.

Translation of computer software theses

All the theses and literatures are translated by our senior translators. For many years, SPEED has been providing service of literature translation and proofreading for global research institutions.

Translation of software terms

Computer software terms are of the feature of professionalism and independence. Our translators are committed to getting updated with latest technology of computer industry, especially the technical terms.

Localization testing and escort interpretation

SPEED provides localization testing and escort interpretation service. With a focus on new knowledge and information, our translators and interpreters are highly qualified to deliver quality service.


Our advantages in the field of software localization

SPEED cooperates with software companies to offer translation and localization service to help clients promote business and get well prepared for challenges brought by new online applications. To embrace latest technology, we are familiar with all kinds of high-efficient localization software, and we are capable of undertaking localization projects of different languages or cultures.


SPEED can provide quality software localization service to help enterprises better position their products and software in global market. By clear work responsibility definitions and standard operations procedures (SOP) we guarantee that the final products are delivered with satisfaction in all aspects of function, language and culture.


Adopting optimum technology, SPEED facilitates convenient operation of each single step and makes sure each step can be run at any time. From initial definition, extraction of each localization element, re-establishment of new version in target language and passing of final test, every step is emphasized with quality concept.


Localization engineers of SPEED are able to quickly divide complicated tasks into several important modules and position products and applications by adopting our unique process-oriented method. Whether to construct environment, adjust dialog boxes, track and modify errors, manage version control, edit testing scripts or simple screenshots, our localization engineers combine most updated industry technology with customer-oriented service concept to deliver the most comprehensive localization solutions.

Translation solution for IT, software and communication industry  

As a famous localization & translation service provider with global recognition, SPEED embrace the values of  "The greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates all", and is committed to providing global customers with quality translation & localization service in IT field. We cover various languages of English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean and other rare languages.

Our comprehensive solutions include: professional translation of software and help documents, and product configuration, testing & interface verification. Our service scope covers traditional software and help documents, multimedia, network, Mac, PC, server and client applications. Software translation means much more than language translation. The aim of localizing is to overcome cultural barriers embodied in products to attract more target customers.

InChina, we have senior part-time translators from Computer School of Tsinghua University, Computer School of

Tianjin University, National Foreign Language Publication


llegeofInformation Engineering,PLAForeignLanguagesUniversity, Beijing Language andCultureUniversity, major

software development companies and IT enterprises. We have established long-term partnership with computer

professors, PHDs returned from overseas, translators and reviewers with foreign nationality.


SPEED is a designated supplier of professional localization service by numerous enterprises in software, network and communication industry. Our customers include Microsoft, SOHU, Aigo, Oracle, Lenovo, Kingsoft, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, LG and other industry giants as well as numerous fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises.


We can provide cost-effective solutions at every project stage including design, development, documentation, manufacturing, QC test and customer support.

Domestic and off-shore engineering solution - to satisfy the needs of emerging market with options of fast positioning and cost-efficiency.
Best practice consultancy for software localization - we help to ensure that your applications and products are in full compliance with  cultural, regulatory and technical requirements of local markets.
Translation service - Localized documents provide great support to your applications in local market.
Leading testing, engineering and localization capability - we guarantee the satisfactory delivery of localized software in global market and its compatibility with local infrastructure and business procedures.
Accuracy - our solutions help you maintain a stable code repository under different market and cultural environments. 

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