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Translation solution for banking, insurance, security and financial industry 

SPEED can provide you with world-leading quality translation in financial field by senior translation team with banking and finance background. Fluent translation with precise terms is our promise, and we are particularly skilled in the translation of financial documents, such as national financial policies, investment and financing schemes, economy, insurance and international claims, banking and wealth management products, foreign exchange rate software systems, securities and launching plan, funds, etc. We also translate documents of financial annual reports, invitation letters for financing bid, enterprise introduction, financial products introduction, asset appraisal reports, accounting reports, statement of settlement, public profiles of enterprise settlement, financial reports, inspection reports, accounting handbooks, accounting rules, other rules and regulations, all kinds of investigation, analysis reports, market reports, security analysis reports, enterprise credit investigation reports, economic profile note of accounting, law and other fields, insurance, project financing, trust and investment, risk investment, etc.

SPEED provides long-term translation service to industry-leading multinational corporations such as China Unionpay, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Chase Bank, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Hua An Fund, Fullgoal Fund, Guo Lian Fund, BOCI Fund, HFT Investment, HARFOR Fund, China International Fund Management, BNP Paribas, etc.

It will be a great challenge to keep pace with the changes of financial service industry. From the perspective of culture and geographical location, your customers will become more diversified. You will take the responsibility to edit the information in different languages in a fast and accurate way. We help financial service companies to win and remain clients in different locations by integration of our technical and language expertise and global presence.

Financial industry has a great influence on the development of national economy and it is closely related with all other industries. Financial development is becoming more internationalized along withChinas accession into the WTO. An increasing number of foreign financial institutions begin to have their presence in Chinese market which brings new trend in the industry. Financial translation industry is bound to play a more important role. Institutions related with financial activities mainly include banks, insurance companies, securities companies, credit unions, finance companies, investment trust companies, financial leasing companies, as well as exchange of securities, gold and silver, foreign currency, etc.


The financial document translation can be classified into 3 categories:

1.Translation of general financial documents

The general financial documents include absorption and payout of deposit, trust, issuance and pay back of loans,

gold and silver, issuance and transfer of securities, insurance, foreign exchange transactions, international finance,

international currency settlement, etc.

2. Translation for financial institutions

The financial institutions include insurance companies, trust investment companies, securities companies, credit

unions, finance companies, investment trust companies, financial leasing companies, as well as security exchange,

banks and exchange houses, etc.

3. Translation of informal financial documents

The translation of informal financial documents includes translation of loans among enterprises, intermediary debit

and credit, united guild, pawn, chamber of commerce financing, private fund, money houses, personal debit and

credit, trade financing, etc.

Financial translation also includes translation of annual reports, bank finance, fund & investment, etc.

We can help you:  

We translate materials in multi-languages simultaneously. We ensure compliance with requirements of legal authority and confidentiality of your financial information. We create value for financial service industry by making use of our rich experience from numerous projects in global market, and help our customers expand business scope. We reduce costs and streamline translation workflow, and provide global presence by combining our knowledge of target market and industry expertise.


Our professional translators can deal with all kinds of financial communication information (from publicity materials and customer communication to training and websites). As an experienced partner with proved expertise, we can guarantee you a clear and efficient communication in multi-languages while in compliance with our brand standard and security demand.

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