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SPEEDCRM Management System

We have established our self-engineered unique management system which integrates our workflow logically and seamlessly. No matter at what stage the translation project is, all the project participants can make a query or update data on a single platform in a real-time manner to ensure data synchronization and information sharing.

For both customers & translators/suppliers management and translation orders invoicing & accounts receivables collection, SPEEDCRM system facilitates the management of the whole enterprise process.

The following steps are covered:

Customer: basic information, records of sales leads, customer maintenance and follow-up records, contract records, invoicing records, accounts receivables collection records, etc.;

Translator/supplier: basic information, positioning and rating, order records, payment records, internal rating records, etc.;

Order: details of unit prices and charges, project participants, project details, project document links, etc.;

Accounts receivables: receivables and payables, actual amount received or paid, accounts receivable age, etc.;

Producing plan: production cycle time and process control in order to implement management in a scientific and quantitative way.

Large industry corpus: The corpus helps to realize intelligent match between translation documents and different translators and synchronization of translation and review, and to support real-time customer monitoring of project progress, which significantly enhances the efficiency of project management and ensures consistent translation quality. Particularly it is beneficial for delivering high volume translation orders with high technical requirement.


Integrating the four communication tools of telephone voice, email, fax and message, SPEEDCRM system can automatically record all the business activities of the company into database, including phone calls, emails, faxes and messages to ensure long-term operations security by data collection.


Work Improvement and Result Comparison


1. Translation Management

(1) Effective task flow management helps to improve flow efficiency and realize efficient project management

(2) Excellent information management and comprehensive statistical functions to break the limit of traditional management

(3) Flexible management system of translator resources to reduce costs and improve efficiency

(4) Transparent process control to facilitate online monitoring by customers and internal project management

(5) Strict process control system to ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement


2. Translation Support

(1) Input the terms into the corpus before translation and add terms online to ensure the consistency of the terms

(2) Match recurring phrases or sentences to be translated with previously translated data to increase translation efficiency

(3) Completely change the non-synchronization of translation and review to facilitate concurrent translation and review to save time


3. Corpus Maintenance

Translators don

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