Multimedia localization/Voiceover and subtitling


SPEED provides translation and localization service of multimedia and audio-visual products. Audio-visual products include video tapes VCD, DVD, professional BETACAM tapes and audio tapes of company introduction, corporate training, product presentation, business promotion, etc.

Specific  translation and localization work involves the following steps: (1) dictation and time recording, (2) translation, proofreading and review, (3) customer review and approval of the script, (4) subtitling and voiceover, (5) post production, digital audio-visual synthesis and (6) product output and system conversion, include burning VCD, DVD, etc.

Our company adopts professional non-linear editing system of DY3300, character generator and output equipment which support different formats and software platforms. Our experience translators work closely with voiceover and production professionals during the whole process of translation, subtitling, voiceover and delivery.


Typical customers and applications

Market promotion on exhibitions

Corporate E-Learning projects or training projects

Business promotions

Machine operation instructions

Job fairs and career orientation

Localization of films/TV series /cartoons

Subtitling of online videos

Game localization


We can provide the following audio-visual service:

Dictation and translation



Audio-visual editing

Data transfer, recording and copying


Our advantages of multimedia localization service

Dictation: Native translators are used for dictation to ensure quality.

Production staff: Subtitling, flash production and voiceover are made by our professional engineers with language expertise.

Voiceover staff: Audio samples of our professional dubbing staff at different levels are available for selection.

Production equipment: We have various localization equipment including RT2000 , PREMIERE to collect and edit video-visual products. Background music, subtitles and asides are combined into the final video.

Software tools: We are skilled in using Premiere, After-effects, Cool Edit, Director, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, QuarkExpress, etc.

On-site quality control: In order to ensure perfect combination of translation and production, our project manager will be on site to monitor production. And for voiceover, our bilingual professionals will provide instructions to dubbing and production staff.

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