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As one of the largest translation institutions in China, our company operates with over 270 full-time translators, 1200 contracted translators and more than 40 simultaneous interpreters certified by EU and UN who can provide native translation and interpretation for you. Moreover, we also have branches or cooperative partners across Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. As for the global service of translation and interpretation, up to 30 kinds of languages in over 50 different fields are available and foreign-funded enterprises constitute 95% of our existing customers.


With respect to translation, our company is especially skilled in translating premium business programs such as major engineering technology project, finance, law, etc. All the translation projects implement a workflow consisting of translation, proofreading and review. For major global projects, we adopt professional translations software such as Trados, SDXL, etc. and audit glossaries for customers free of charge to guarantee the professionalism and consistency of the translation terms, thus driving customers to develop rapidly in response to the pace of globalization.


In particular, we are specialized in providing urgent service including bidding project translation.  We have successfully completed the professional translation material regarding communication technology( over 2000 pages included) from Bell Alcatel Company within only one week, while for most companies, even the work of inputting and layout is barely achievable due to such short period of time.


We are also expert in providing simultaneous interpretation services for different occasions such as international conferences, large training programs, business negotiations, and opening ceremonies. We have once assigned over 20 simultaneous interpreters and over 50 exhibition interpreters with more than 50 languages for CeBIT Asia-pacific Communication Expo.


Furthermore, we have established long-term cooperation with numerous 5-star hotels, such as Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La in Pudong etc., providing check-in foreign guests with interpretation service at all levels, which is available to reserve in advance.

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