One of the largest document and software localization companies inChina


Established in 1997, our brand name of SPEED represents our relentless pursuit of high efficiency and speedy service.


Underpinned by our long term and solid experience serving transnational companies including Fortune 500 companies as well as under the strong support of ERP management system, our order processing center implements real-time tracking of customer service phone calls, project implementation across different departments, after-sales service calls and routine customer relationship maintenance, in order to solve problems of our customers quickly through networked job assignment system and visualized monitoring interface.


For more than two decades, we have remained at the forefront of the industry and have been providing professional services of document and software localization, interpretation, design and printing, multimedia dubbing as well as marketing & sales management software development to over 10,000 worldwide foreign-funded enterprises covering diverse industries such as chemical, medicine, finance, IT, aviation, mechanical and electrical, construction, consulting, retail, etc. We have established good relationship with GE,3M, Bayer, BASF and other renowned multinational groups.

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