Business gifts

Service features

1.   For our gifts, we offer free accurate and delicate printing of texts, images and ads.

2.   Free design proofing, except for proofing which needs special mould.

3.   Fast delivery. Normally products will be delivered in 7 days upon receiving your order. If stock is sufficient, products

will be delivered in 3 days. Under special circumstances, delivery time varies based on gift types and quantity.

4.   For local customers, door to door service is available for free.

5.  Perfect after-sales service. We are always ready to replace or repair products without time limitation. We are

responsible for both your products and our products by offering free permanent after-sales service.

6.    We are committed to considerate and meticulous customer service regardless of order size.


Screen printing

Production principle: In the printing process, ink will be transferred to substrate through meshes of images and texts by scraper pressing to form the same images and texts. Equipment of screen printing is simple and easy to operate with low DTP and printing cost. Screen printing has a wide range of applications for different products of color oil painting, posters, name cards, binding covers, commodity labels, dyeing textiles, etc.


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