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SPEED is specialized in the professional translation of national laws and policies, contracts & agreements, patented technology, transnational investment, enterprise restructuring/acquisition, international trade, lawsuit involving foreign affairs, etc. Our contracted law translators have past experience of studying abroad with education degree from law schools, or working for international companies or law firms. These translators have not only good knowledge of Chinese law but also comprehensive understanding of customers needs of international law service. With proficiency in foreign language, it is easy for our translators to handle all kinds of legal problems in investment and management, trade activities and international lawsuits. Our translation of legal documents features accurate terms and rigorous articles.

With the further development ofChinas reform and opening up and international business, there exist increasing needs to solve international legal disputes. Due to the existence of different legal systems in the world and the high specialty of legal problems, translation quality of legal documents has important influence on the judgment results in courts.

As a professional supplier of language service in legal field, SPEED has rich experience in legal translations, we have several full-time translators with master degree in law and over 50 part-time translators with law major. We also have legal professors from top universities working as our law consultants.

SPEED always provides customers with satisfactory service in time by our strong translation team and consultant supporting team, who are specialized in solving problems related to legal expertise and terms or special legal terms in foreign languages when dealing with difficult or large volume of legal documents.

SPEED boasts a legal project team with rich knowledge. We create legal translation database, follow strict translation workflow, and establish QC system and confidentiality system in order to provide professional and efficient service. We can provide legal translation in various formats, such as text, video and audio. Interpretation service is also available, such as simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

Law is the foundation of country governing. It is code of conduct formulated or approved by the state authorities and enforced by the state coercive power to ensure the implementation. Generalized law: it refers to the overall law, including law, valid interpretations and regulatory documents formulated by the administrative organ for law enforcement. Narrow-sense law: it refers to regulatory documents formulated by state authorities with legislative power in accordance with legislative procedures.Chinas 10 major department laws are: the constitution, administrative law, civil law, criminal law, economic law, procedure law, labor law, natural resources and environmental law, military law, science-education-culture-health law.


International communication is becoming more frequent with the constant improvement of legal system inChina. Many business affairs of the large companies cannot be executed without legal translation, such as listing abroad, international mergers and acquisitions, financial investment, immigration procedures, investment promotion, etc. Legal translation is playing a more important role in all aspects of life and work at home and abroad. As a important service in translation industry, legal translation has a high standard for the quality and technicality, and mainly serves lawyers, foreign-funded enterprises as well as import and export corporations and other upper class groups in society. Legal translation work not only places a high requirement for translator capability, but also is subject to the features of legal terms and expressions.

We can help you:  

Successfully integrate translation activities into your working environment and provide improved communication to formulate better plans. Set up standard with globally consistent techniques and brands to maintain translation integrity, and reuse past translation to control costs.

We can provide integrated translation mode of manpower and technical resources, which fits companies of different scales. Our translation project manager is familiar with techniques and processes in legal field, and will help you handle problems, update status, review plans and deliver documents. The project manager is strongly supported by two teams, one is a team of experienced translators and your target client base, the other is a team consisting of editors, DTP specialists as well as engineers and testing personnel.

Comprehensive solutions we provide include: translation of patents, commercial contracts, legal education, annual reports, transnational investment, enterprise restructuring/acquisition, foreign-related lawsuits, legal documents, appeal materials, court accompanying, articles of associations, memos, laws and regulations, articles, announcements, patents, feasibility reports, licenses, bidding documents, industrial management regulations, company management rules, etc. We have the most senior legal translation experts and take a leading position in the translation industry inChina.

InChina, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with experts, professors and oversea returned PHDs from Southwest University of Political Science andLaw,ChinaUniversity of Political Science and Law,PekingUniversityLawSchool, Renmin University of China Law School,FudanUniversity,TsinghuaUniversity, andUniversityofInternational Businessand Economics. We provide document review and polish service accomplished by mother tongue law experts, some are fromHarvardLawSchool,YaleUniversity,StanfordUniversityand other world-famous colleges. 

We are the supplier of legal translation service designated by numerous enterprises, corporations and government authorities, and our customers include Ministry of Commerce of Peoples Republic ofChina, Ministry of Health of Peoples Republic ofChina, Fortune 500 companies, industry giants as well as numerous fast-growing SMEs.

Professional supplier of legal translation solution

SPEED is more than just a professional legal translation company, it is a professional supplier dedicated to providing legal translation solutions. We are expert in providing certified translation service of legal documents and legal instruments over the past two decades, and has successfully provided laws and regulations translation including legal terms translation to varieties of famous organizations across the world, such as  foreign-related enterprises, multinational corporations and law firms. Over 30 languages are available for legal translation, including English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, etc.


Why is professional legal translation necessary?

Quality is key to legal translation.

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