Translation of engineering projects

Translation of engineering projects is featured with special terms, extensive coverage of technical fields, high translation volume and urgent delivery. Engineering translation companies shall be equipped with translators of professional background. And to satisfy project progress requirement, adequate translation talents are needed. Yet most of the small translation companies adopt outsourcing method to accomplish big projects. With over 1500 translators worldwide, SPEED is capable of translating independently mechanical and civil engineering documents between English and Chinese.

SPEED has many successful cases in translating engineering projects for international customers, and we are recognized for our accurate translation and fast delivery. For more than 20 years, SPEED has established solid partnership with many multinational companies including Fortune 500 companies.

Constructional engineering translation has wide coverage and requires special knowledge. Construction documents include: construction engineering, railway engineering, road engineering, water conservancy projects, sports venues construction, airport engineering construction, highway construction, tunnel and bridge construction, power plant construction, port construction, construction bidding and tendering documents, construction contracts, construction drawings, architectural books, architectural paper, specifications of constructional engineering equipment and other materials.


Architecture combines both engineering and art, which requires exquisite technical skills and polishing of arts and humanities. SPEED has rich experience in translating constructional materials and is particularly skillful in translating bidding documents and  design schemes. SPEED has maintained an elite translator pool of technical engineers and  international translators to meet strict requirement of construction companies.

Our translation service in construction field

Translation of invitation letters and bidding documents

Invitation letters of bidding is fundamental for constructional companies and SPEED completely understands the importance of accurate translation and timely delivery. We have full confidence in serving clients in  this field.

Translation of architectural design and construction specifications

Translation of architectural design and construction specifications is closely related to all aspects of construction projects. SPEED allocates dedicated project manager for each project and makes sure no major errors in the translated documents through careful proofreading after translation.

Translation of architectural drawings

SPEED can translate and edit the documents in a short time frame by selecting the best translators from its talent pool to ensure a smooth progress of translation project, despite the fact that architectural drawings could be provided in hardcopy, electronic images, PDF or CAD format.

Translation of construction contracts

SPEED has a contract translation team with legal background to ensure translation quality, who makes use of unique insights and skills to provide assistance for business cooperation.

Escort translation service

Are you still looking for professional escort interpreters with construction background when having business negotiations with foreign partners or doing engineering construction overseas? SPEED will be your best choice. We can dispatch short-term escort interpreters or help you recruit translators in different languages for overseas tasks.

Translation of civil engineering theses

All the theses are translated by our senior translators. With years of experience and excellent management, SPEED has been providing thesis translation and proofreading to various research institutions. And some of the translated theses are already published on international authoritative publications or websites.

Our strength in construction field

SPEED is specialized in providing global customers with translation service in various languages, thanks to its close connection and contracted partnership with native language experts and Chinese translators from over 50 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, South America andLatin America. SPEED boasts many construction translators in our global talent pool who are equipped with rich experience in construction field. We can meet various needs of our clients. SPEED can rapidly establish a in-house translation team of professional translators, senior technical experts and returned overseas talents. We are good at delivering projects in languages of English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French, etc. SPEED has established long-term solid partnership with a number of world-famous construction companies, bidding companies and architectural design companies.


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