Introduction of multimedia localization

A high volume of materials translated by SPEED are in the format of multimedia instead of simple texts, such as audio, DVD, Flash and etc,  these materials could be short video of company profiles, interviews, instructional videos, product demos, audio books, ads, TV programs, etc. This kind of translation work is called multimedia localization. After dictation and translation of scripts including subtitles, captions and flash contents by our translators, the translated scripts are submitted to our clients for approval. After this step, our professionals will do subtitling,  flash making, dubbing, post production of synthesis of language and music, etc.

Multimedia applications involve a broad range of fields, such as media, business, engineering, medicine, advertising, art, education, entertainment, scientific research, etc. The contents can be corporate videos, training videos, conference audios, films, TV dramas, VCD, DVD, video tapes, master tapes as well as television dialogues, interviews and other audios or videos. 

Our strength of multimedia localization service:

Dictation and translation: Many customers cannot provide original scripts and SPEED needs to provide dictation and translation service, which is exactly what we are good at.

Production staff: subtitling, flash making and dubbing are accomplished by our professional engineers with good translation skills.

Dubbing staff: voice samples of our voiceover professionals at different levels are available for selection by our customers.

Software tools: we skilled at softwares of Premiere, After-effects, Cool Edit, Director, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, 3DMAX, QuarkExpress, etc.

On-site quality monitoring: In order to ensure a perfect combination of translation and production, our project manager will monitor production quality on the production site.

Successful cases of multimedia localization

We have been providing multimedia localization service to customers including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Comerica Environmental Equipment Company,ChinaEntry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, True North Productions, Asatsu Shanghai, Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Accenture, Evonik Degussa, Lanxess Chemical, AGMS, Siegwerk Ink, MAC, Braun, etc..


Introduction of software localization

Software localization can be divided into steps of translation, DTP, localization testing and others, among which, localization of software UI features wide range of contents, complex process, comprehensive technology and strict standard. Aimed at serving leading companies in localization industry, our software localization department, which consists of PMs, localization engineers, experienced translators and reviewers, cooperatively completes a series of operations, including preparation, analysis, pre-processing, translation and proofreading, post-processing, construction, defection correction, etc.

Our software localization service covers:

1. Software translation, including translation of UI, help documents/guidelines/handbooks, pictures, packaging, market materials

2. Software engineering, including editing and translation, adjustment of interface/menu/dialog box

3. Layout, including adjustment of pictures and texts, beautification, adjustment of localization information

4. Software testing, including software function testing, interface testing and modification, and application environment testing

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