Flow Chart of Quality Control

Step 1: Corpus matching
Phrases or sentences to be translated are matched with previous translation data, which effectively promotes speed and translation quality.

Step 2: First-round translation

Our professional translators have their specialized translation fields to provide precise translation. By assessing the documents to be translated, project manager (PM) will select several professional translators specialized in this field from SPEED global translator pool. PM will help translators to establish the terms and translation standard, coordinate translation workflow and monitor quality by checking possible errors.

Step 3: Proofreading by translation experts

Translation experts will verify the accuracy of first-round translation by looking at both the expressions and technical terms.

Step 4: Review by international mother-tongue translators

International mother-tongue translators will revise and polish the grammar and vocabulary in the translated documents to ensure correct and native high-quality expressions. And our translated Chinese documents are reviewed by Chinese translators with an excellent command of Chinese language.

Step 5: Layout

The final version of translation is achieved after doing compilation and typesetting of all the translated documents based on original documents to eliminate mistakes and inconsistency.



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